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You will learn the essentials to run your restaurant successfully

Managing a company in the food and beverage industry is a fascinating task

Food and beverage products are so deeply rooted in the culture of most countries that making and selling them is not only a matter of making and selling
Given this, it’s not difficult to see that the task quickly becomes complex.

The objective of this course is twofold: first, we will focus on contemporary challenges that managers and entrepreneurs in food and beverage businesses should be able to face.

 And second, we will provide models and tools to design and implement appropriate action to satisfy customers and build an advantage over the competition.

This course is made up of seven modules and an introduction, each exploring one dilemma that food and beverage companies face.

Complementary and transversal thematic modules

·Menu preparation
· Purchasing
· Production
· Service
. Management
· Optimisation
. Customer satisfaction