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Easily monitor your restaurant vouchers, track and check the balance in real-time Like a Pro!

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DETOX was born out of the observation

that “voucher control tools are created by computer technicians, not chefs and restaurant owners”.

The nightmare of the CHEF and RESTAURANT OWNERS: At Detox, we know that you are confronted each day with too complex tools of seizure or control… some are even in foreign language with an interface not really sexy.

Or even worse, you search every day your vouchers in and out on small notebooks and it is very difficult to find them easily during the service … What a waste of time!

In some cases, you are using non-adapted tools and your data is not up to date. This is particularly the case for handwritten sheets.

BUT there is a real gap between your needs and these methods.
In short, you are looking for reactivity!

A link that only a restaurant owner can bring you with his experience and which gives you access to all the information you need to manage your vouchers.

Who will VOUCHER be addressed to?

Concretely, chefs and restaurant owners, managers of small and medium-sized businesses… In short, to all people whose organisation is not their primary vocation.

Created by a chef for chefs and restaurant owners, Detox brings you solutions with simple tools and in real time.

Functionalities adapted to your needs

Powerful and easy to use features

  • Simplified entry
  • Tracking incoming vouchers
  • Monitoring of payment methods
  • Follow-up of outgoing vouchers
  • Follow-up of leftovers
  • Tracking of voucher balance
  • Monthly follow-up
  • Simplified voucher search

    It’s your business!

Take control now and let’s prepare your reopening together.



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