Work With Experts at your side. Monitor your purchases. Control your cost. Increase Profits

As a chef, you have to wear the hat of a businessman sometimes especially when it comes to food cost

If working in the restaurant is a passion, it is also necessary to know how to put the nose in the figures and get out his calculator and I help you.

Easy to use and uncompromising, these apps do the hard work for you

From your purchases to your sales I bring you the complete solution for the control of every step.

The management of a company requires a global vision allowing you to analyze in real time the health of your company.

Purchases & Sales

A Complete solution to regain control.
Get Clear Vision.

Costs & Margins

A software to help restaurant business owners monitor the costs & margins.


Monitor your Turnover Day per Day, Month per Month, Year to Year


A software to help restaurant business owners monitor Employees staff hours.

All you do today improve your tomorrows

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