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    Designed by a chef for chefs and restaurant owners,
    Calculate your recipes like Pro in less than 5 minutes with this app.
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    My name is Patrice Garreau, I am Chef and consultant in restaurant for almost 30 years. This application could change your life if you want to open or manage your restaurant. There is an incredible way to calculate your recipes, I give you the opportunity to do it with this app.
    Why this application?
    As a chef and consultant and after developing several companies. I realised that very often we have to create our own recipes. The difficulty is that product prices are constantly changing, so it is necessary to research and update all these prices.
    This is particularly the case for handwritten cards, what a waste of time!
    Create a New Article feature is crucial it allows you to create, search and display a product and all these nutritional values as well as allergens present.
    You then have the opportunity to create all your recipes without effort.
    I, therefore, wish to share with you all these functions with each one a concrete example of research and its use.
    How to use it?
    For learning you can watch the video demonstration of this application by following this link:

    1. How to create a new article in your App:
    2. How to find an article:
    3. How to create a recipe with your App:
    4. How to create an article from an existing recipe:
    5. How to find your recipes in the App:

    So that the functions and their use is as simple as possible, I took the option to show them by examples of use with explanations. On the Help page.

    The content of the application:
    Office 2013 Recommended

    • This application consists of:
    • An Excel file containing all the desired functions.
    • A table of contents to access various functions more quickly
    • Possibility of backup in PDF format
    • The file is downloadable and subject to the licence fee for the paid version. Without any password.


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