When starting out at a restaurant or running a restaurant, there are important factors to consider. Chefs & Entrepreneurs are not all experts. So, I developed Detox tools to simplify your life in a difficult job where stress, challenges, and competition are part of our daily lives.

Short story

One of my friends opened a restaurant a few years ago, an excellent chef who had everything prepared before the opening. The wine list was meticulously calculated. After a few weeks, he was not satisfied with his margins and he contacted me.

We introduced a new control system and discovered that the dose was wrong and some bottle was not typing on the till system.

Thereafter margins increased drastically.

This was my first client and I would like to share with you our experience


I will set up & explain the important points to consider.

Purchases & Invoices
  • Orders
  • Delivery & control
  • Storage
Recipes & production
  • Recipe development
  • Costs and margins
  • Regulations & allergens
  • Stocks
Monitoring your employees
  • Developing your schedules
  • Monitoring staff hours
Optimized management
  • How to post your purchases
  • The different categories
  • The method if you worked with an accountant
  • Turnover
  • Control Food and beverage sales
  • Sales percentages by category
  • Analysis of KPI's
  • Your dashboard

Pastry Chef Consultant

Consultation for restaurants to create the dessert menu with staff training and calculation of costs with calories and allergens

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