When starting out at a restaurant or running a restaurant, there are important factors to consider.

Short story

DETOX was born out of the observation: “management tools are created by accountants for accountants”.

The nightmare of the CHEF and RESTAURANT OWNERS:

At Detox, it seems that you are confronted every day with too complex input or control tools… some are even in foreign language with a not really sexy interface.

OR even worse, you search every day your positions directly on two or three different software by scrolling page by page … What a waste of time!

In some cases, you already use tools like Sage account and your cash register software.

BUT there is a real discrepancy between your needs and these software’s . In short, you are looking for reactivity!

A link between your cash register software and your accounting software that will give you access to all the information you need to analyze and manage your business.

Who is Detox for ? Concretely, to chefs and restaurant owner’s, managers of small and medium-sized businesses… In short, to all people for whom accounting is not their primary profession.


Useful and easy-to-use features

– Follow-up of your purchases

– Monitoring of turnover

– Sales monitoring

– Margin monitoring

– Average ticket tracking

– Monitoring attendance

– Monitoring of performance indicators

In BONUS spreadsheets adapted to your needs to calculate what you want.

With a step-by-step approach easy to understand and implement, you can achieve the exceptional success you deserve.
We are chefs & entrepreneurs and we don’t have much time, so my main goal when I created DeTox was to simplify your processes as much as possible while maintaining a high professional standard.

"Let us build your business together brick by brick.

I will set up & explain the important points to consider.

Purchases & Invoices
  • Orders
  • Delivery & control
  • Storage
Recipes & production
  • Recipe development
  • Costs and margins
  • Regulations & allergens
  • Stocks
Monitoring your employees
  • Developing your schedules
  • Monitoring staff hours
Optimized management
  • How to post your purchases
  • The different categories
  • The method if you worked with an accountant
  • Turnover
  • Control Food and beverage sales
  • Sales percentages by category
  • Analysis of KPI's
  • Your dashboard

Pastry Chef Consultant

Consultation for restaurants to create the dessert menu with staff training and calculation of costs with calories and allergens