Patrice Garreau

Patrice Garreau

With 35 years of experience in a restaurant. As a chef, manager, and entrepreneur.
We founded DeTox Consulting a company based on solid foundations

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Why Detox

I know your expectations!

You have a partner who knows your work. You are always busy with multiple tasks. I optimize your process.
When the experience is at the service of your imagination, everything becomes possible.
The total solution for your needs!


As a head pastry chef

I had the privilege of working with renowned chefs in Paris



I have repeatedly developed companies that generate profits. As a manager, I gained additional skills in markets, control, human resources, and social media. During this time, apart from being a head pastry chef, I opened & managed very effectively multiple restaurants, manage the financial aspect & cost control side of the restaurant business.
Are you ready to step into the future with me?